Way of Parking

The EasyPark way of parking and charging

The EasyPark app is simple, but powerful. There are many things you can do with it, and we want to show you how easy it is to use!

Getting started with EasyPark app


Download the app

From Google Play or Apple App Store. It’ll only take a few seconds.



Add your phone number, license plate and payment method. That’s all.

Start Parking

Start your first parking

Choose or search for your parking area, then spin, tap and go!

Parking as easy as spin, tap and go! 

Find Parking

Find your spot

Choose the parking area from the map, the area list or search the area code. See that you have the right code in the map.

Start Parking 2

Spin the wheel

Set the length of your parking session by spinning the wheel. Check your details are correct and tap to start.

Stop Parking 2

Stop or extend

Tap the wheel in your active parking screen to stop early. Or spin the wheel to extend your session and tap to confirm.

Relax, we’ve got your back

You’ve driven to a busy area and found a great spot in the city. You know there are officers checking that parking has been paid, but how would they know you’re paying with an app? We have your back.

EasyPark works in collaboration with cities and operators, so that people like you who park in their spaces can do so safely and easily. When you park with EasyPark, we send a message to their enforcement systems, and this way, officers can see that your car has an active parking session and move on without handing out a fine.

Your parking session also helps improve life in the city. By paying for parking, you give back to the city administration or operator the resources to maintain the spaces, roads and other essential infrastructure.

easypark parking app
easypark parking app

Charge your battery

It’s easy to find electric charging stations with the EasyPark app. So is paying for parking and charging with the app, or only charging. The app automatically adjusts the price, and it can even split charging and parking costs to your business and private accounts. To charge, plug your car, select the socket in the app, tap and go electric!

Yes, you can park there

But only for a certain time. The EasyPark app lets you know when an area has a limit on how long you can park in it, and it automatically adjusts the end time. This way, you get an easier way to follow the local operator’s rules and reduce the risk of getting fined.

Unlock parking potential

How do our other solutions work?

In-car integrations

Get the ultimate parking experience: park and charge directly from your car’s display. Whether you’re using Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, or Android Automotive in your car, you can start parking with a tap and extend from your mobile phone if needed. With Android Automotive, your parking even stops automatically when you drive away. Simple as that.

Automatic CameraPark

Drive in and out of parking garages with minimal fuss. When you opt-in to Automatic CameraPark, your parking starts and stops automatically, as the garage cameras register your entrance and exit - you can use it safely with rental cars too, as you can add these as a temporary car. Fully hands-free parking at its best.

Where can I park?

on offstreet

In car parks

Be as close as it gets. Park with the app or drive in and out with Automatic Camerapark.


At the airport

Fly in and out of the car park when you travel. EasyPark is available at many major European airports.