This is what
happens backstage

You’ve started parking, now, how does parking with the app help you not get a fine? The EasyPark app works by linking to the city’s or operator’s system. This means, we let them know there is an active parking session for your car, so it’s all fine and not fines.


Smart and connected

Getting started is easy, have a look

  1. Download EasyPark from the app store on your smartphone.

  2. With your phone number, license plate and a method of payment.

  3. Find the parking area in your app’s map view or list. Spin, tap and go!

Parking tech you can rely on

Find Parking

Search & find parking

We have mapped all the parking areas available in the EasyPark app, so you’ll see these live if you’ve shared your location. Where FIND is available, we’ve tracked millions of data points to give you a better chance to find parking.

Select Car

Select and modify time

When you start a parking session, we let the operator know, so they can see it on their enforcement devices and don’t issue any fines. When you modify or stop your parking, we notify them again so you don’t pay for any unused time. Handy.


Processing payments

We work with trusted payment providers and take security very seriously, so we always process your payments securely and smoothly.


We’re on your side

We don’t hand out fines, but we can help prevent them

You’re only going in and out of the shop, except that you ended up taking a little bit longer than you were expecting. The EasyPark app helps you keep your parking session on track and flexible. The app can help you locate the right area where you are parked, and send you notifications when it is about to expire. If you ever receive a fine while using the app, we could help you figure out why.

Where can I park?

on offstreet

In car parks

Be as close as it gets. Park with the app or drive in and out with Automatic Camerapark.


At the airport

Fly in and out of the car park when you travel. EasyPark is available at many major European airports.