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Making cities more livable  

Imagine a city where parking spaces are always near and available. Where pedestrians and drivers enjoy good access to the city's streets and garages, the congestion risk is minimized and parking fees contribute to keeping the city safe, clean and well-maintained. Sounds pretty nice, right? That is why we have made it our mission, and we can help you make it happen.

We help you unlock your parking potential

And we do it through Parking Excellence

For two decades, we've been at the forefront of empowering cities to unlock their parking potential. We do it by enabling a digital ecosystem where municipal authorities, private garage operators, and drivers, play a part in optimizing the available parking inventory. Delivered through innovative parking technology, experience and expertise from our team and understanding of drivers’ needs – that's what Parking Excellence is.

Unlock parking potential

This is your toolbox

We have developed solutions to support you in achieving your objectives, based on where you are now, and where you want to go next. Combine a few or all of them – it all depends on your needs.

EasyPark Insights

The ultimate suite for your city. Get precise data, analytics and advisory services to give you actionable insights. Gain confidence when making changes or implementing parking regulations.  

Garage parking & CameraPark

Take traffic off the streets and enable automatic start and stop of the parking sessions. It is smart, fast and cost-efficient for you.

Electric vehicle charging

We enable drivers to manage both their parking and charging with the EasyPark app. To help them recharge with a single app.


Pioneering an integrated tomorrow

Driving the parking evolution with Google and Apple

You have probably heard of our mobile app, trusted by millions worldwide. We believe however, that convenience and innovation doesn’t stop there, and therefore, we’re joining in on the evolution of car infotainment systems, delivering parking automation right by the driver’s side. Whether drivers connect with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay app on Android or Apple devices, or use a native solution, we're the pioneers offering an intuitive, easy way to park directly from the car. Today, we're proud to have leading car manufacturers as our partners, collaborating to make parking easier for everyone.

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We’re here for your success

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