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Some days, you want to get straight to the fun and be more certain of finding a parking space. On other days, you would like to park just next to the store. Maybe you want to avoid the rain and get to your date looking flawless. Those are the days when you might prefer to park in a garage, and then you will be glad to hear you can also use EasyPark there. One app for indoors, outdoors, parking lots, garages, or streets.

Parking closer to the action

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Find your garage

You’ll find all the parking areas in the EasyPark app, including garages, when you explore the map view. Regular garages appear with a “roofed” P icon, and those with Automatic CameraPark will show a camera icon. Drive to the one closest to your destination.

Start Parking

Start parking

If you’ve driven into a garage with Automatic CameraPark, and you have opted-in to this service, you will see a notification and your session will start automatically. Otherwise, select your parking location, spin the wheel to set the time and confirm. You’re ready to go!

Stop Parking

Stop or prolong parking

Open the app and spin the wheel again to add time to your current session or tap “stop” to end earlier. If you have activated Automatic CameraPark, and the garage allows automatic stop, you will see a notification that your parking has been stopped when you drive out.

easypark parking app
easypark parking app

Stop your parking

Drive in, drive out, zero fuzz

Make the parking of your visit even more convenient. With Automatic CameraPark, your parking session is stopped automatically when you drive out of a garage or parking lot where this function is available. Say goodbye to any effort, and hello to a super smooth parking experience.

easypark parking app

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