Find charging stations and charge your car with the EasyPark app

You’re in the driving seat, you’re on a roll, but now your battery is running low. Get your stride back with a spin and a tap! EasyPark makes it easy to find charging stations near you and charge your electric car while you park. So you can keep the momentum going.

easypark parking app

Electric power with a tap

You’ll only need one app

You probably already have dozens of apps, why should you download more to do the same things? You can manage your electric vehicle’s charging with the EasyPark app, whether you are paying for parking and charging or only charging. One app you can trust to cruise the city with a full battery.

Get closer to the source

Finding charging stations is really easy! 

Remember when there were hardly any charging stations in the city? It was tough. Coverage is better now but stations can still be tricky to find. The EasyPark app helps you find the charging stations near you, just look for the green sockets on the map view in the EasyPark app.

easypark parking app

Leave energized, or at least your car


Find a charging station

Just as with parking, you can see these in the map view in the EasyPark app.

EVC socket

Select your socket

The app tells you which sockets are available at the charging station. There you can choose the one that is right for your car.

Start Parking 2

Spin and tap to start

Spin the wheel to add charging time, tap to start, and you’re ready to go. Just as when you park with EasyPark!

Where can I park?

on offstreet

In car parks

Be as close as it gets. Park with the app or drive in and out with Automatic Camerapark.


At the airport

Fly in and out of the car park when you travel. EasyPark is available at many major European airports.