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Get EasyPark – the No.1 parking app in Europe.

The EasyPark app is simple, but powerful

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Get to the fun

Start your parking session from your smartphone, no need to queue.

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Get freedom

Extend your parking from anywhere, never run back to the machine.

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Get smartness

End your parking session with a tap and pay by the minute.

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Find spaces

See where you're more likely to find a spot. We’ll guide you there.

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Keep control

Get notifications, parking history and receipts so you stay on top of your game.

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Go further

Go and discover new cultures, park with EasyPark in 20+ countries.


Get the EasyPark app today

Join millions of drivers who already enjoy an easier way to park and charge their cars.

  • More than 450,000 5-stars ratings

  • 4.7 average app store rating

  • 88% customer service satisfaction

As easy as park, spin, tap and go!

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Check your location

Open the app, check and choose the area where you’re parked or search if you know the code. See that you have the right code in the map.

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Start parking

Check your license plate is correct. Spin the wheel in the app to set the time, tap to confirm!

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Stop or extend

Did you get back early? Stop with a tap. Want to stay longer? Extend by spinning the wheel, and tap to confirm.

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We build tech with value

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Pay as you park

Download the app to get smart, flexible parking and make more space for life.
Pricing varies for specific cities or operators.
The app will show the total and detailed price before you park,
including our service fee.

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Start, stop and extend parking from the app

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Stop with a tap and pay for the time used

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Coverage in over 2,500 cities

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Park on street and in garages and airports

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FIND parking function

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Secure payment methods


Free push reminders

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Personal web portal

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Customer care

We also help your business

Regardless of the size of your company, digitizing your parking and charging expenses will save you time and lower your operating costs. Additionally, you can offer an easy way to park for your guests and visitors, or see other exclusive services for companies like yours.

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Book your parking

Some occasions are more precious than others. Secure your parking spot and be sure to arrive on time for your flight, concert or sports game. You can book a parking space in advance with EasyPark in thousands of European locations.

Make your city more liveable

You know our parking app – but did you know we do improve parking and traffic flows in cities? We collaborate with city administrators, policy makers, private operators, tech partners, businesses and yourself to make cities more liveable.

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Mobile Paid Parking

Millions of drivers worldwide already use a parking app. Get access to smart and flexible parking from your mobile phone or your car’s display.

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Shortcut to where the spaces are. See how likely you are to find parking quicker in your city with the EasyPark FIND feature.

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Automatic CameraPark

Because smart parking can become even smarter. After activation in the app, the parking and possibly the payment are handled completely automatically the next time you drive in and out of parking spaces.

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Business Solutions

Make parking expenses a breeze. Parking costs are seamlessly reported to your company administrator, and drivers get a simpler everyday. Less paperwork, more business.

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In-car integrations

Get an even smoother experience. Start the parking from your car’s display, and drive away to stop. Basically magic.

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Parking permits

Apply to and get your parking permits in digital format. Easy to manage, easy to renew whether it is for residential, business use, or other type of permit. Available in selected cities.


Parking Data as a Service

With our Parking Data as a Service solution, cities get the complete picture of their ecosystem. Reducing traffic congestion for you.

Companies we are working with

We go further, together. We take pride in working with the best partners, such as:

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parking operators

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