Intuitive and connected

Having all you need in your pocket to manage your parking session is very practical, but having it directly from your car’s display goes further. We partner with Apple, Google and other leading tech companies as well as with many of the major car manufacturers to give you the ultimate parking experience. After all, we’ve got connectivity and automation in our DNA.

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Hands on the wheel, mirror your phone

Your phone and vehicle, connected

Wouldn’t you like a seamless parking app directly on your vehicle’s display? To have your parking and charging ready at the moment you park your car. We did, and were the first to make it happen. The EasyPark app is now available via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Park with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay


Get the EasyPark app

Install the EasyPark app on your phone and create an account.


Check compatibility

Check that your device and your car can be connected.

Compatilbility 2


Pair your phone with your car following the instructions of your operating system.

Android Automotive: the ultimate experience

Smart and seamless

Go one step further with the EasyPark app built specifically for cars using the Android Automotive OS. So smart, it can tell when you’ve moved away from a spot, and stop charging you for parking. With EasyPark for Android Automotive you can drive in and out of garages, park anywhere on the street and stop paying for parking when you drive away. Available in supported models with Polestar, Volvo and Renault.


Get started with Android Automotive


Download the EasyPark app

Get it from your car’s app store. Create an account or log-in directly from your car’s display.

Start Parking car

Park in a tap

Open the app from your display at your destination and park in seconds.

Stop Parking

Drive away

No need to stop when you start to drive, the app will do it for you.

Where can I park?

on offstreet

In garages and car parks

Be as close as it gets. Park with the app or drive in and out with Automatic Camerapark.