EasyPark Data Breach

Published on December 14, 2023, at 21:00 CET
*Updated: January 18, at 17:00 CET

On December 10, 2023, we discovered we were the victim of a cyber attack. The attack resulted in a breach of non-sensitive customer data. We deeply care about our customers and want to make sure you are fully informed about this incident. Here is what we have done.

Check out the FAQ’s below or go to our support page if you have any questions.

1. We took actions to protect you.
  • We took swift measures to stop the cyber attack.

  • We made sure our services continued to operate as usual.

  • We notified the appropriate authorities.

  • We reset the passwords for all affected customers on December 10 upon discovering the data breach and as a part of our standard incident response.

  • Our security team, including external security experts, is working hard to ensure effective security and privacy measures are in place.

2. We are making you aware.
  • Some of you were affected by the data breach. We are reaching out to all affected customers.

  • If you were affected, some contact information you may have provided to us (such as name, phone number, physical address, and/or email address) were accessed.

  • When you pay for parking with a credit card/debit card or IBAN, some digits of the card you chose are displayed. These partial details were accessed. However, someone cannot make payments using this incomplete information.

  • No combination of this stolen data can be used to perform payments.

  • As always, you should be mindful of phishing attempts, which are unfortunately common.

  • *If you have received an email, sms or push notification from us regarding an update on the cyberattack, the hashed version of the password that you created on our self-service portal was accessed. In that case we encourage you to change your password on any other platform where you have used the same password.

3. We are sorry.

At EasyPark Group, we take protecting your privacy seriously and strive to deliver the best possible experience for you. Experiencing a data breach naturally creates concerns for all of us.

We are deeply sorry this happened and will continue to work hard every day to earn your trust.

Sandesh Bhat
Chief Technology Officer
EasyPark Group

Miles Hutchinson
Chief Information Security Officer
EasyPark Group

If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Care.

Also, see our Privacy Policy to learn more about privacy at EasyPark Group.

Do you have any questions?

Last updated: January 24 at 14:20 CET

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What kind of data has been accessed?

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How can you determine that my data that has been stolen, is considered "non-sensitive"?

You say some digits of my debit or credit card have been accessed? What exactly has been accessed? And can it be used to make a payment?

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To which data protection authorities are you reporting this incident?