easypark parking app

What does it cost?

Let us tell you all about it. We charge a service fee that is due in addition to the cost of parking and charging sessions. The service fee may be in the form of a periodic subscription or as a fee per use. It depends on the product package that you have selected, but also on the parking and charging operators that we cooperate with. The service fee allows us to continue to invest and remain at the forefront of mobility tech innovation. This means you will continue to get even better parking and charging experiences, business solutions and customer care when using our services.

easypark parking app

Pay per use or sign up for a subscription

In the case of a subscription package, you will pay a monthly subscription fee that covers our service fee for all parking and - if applicable - charging sessions. Parking and charging costs, as well as additional services, are charged separately.  

When choosing pay-per-use, you will pay a service fee on top of the cost for each parking and charging session – and costs for possible additional services. When you use the EasyPark app for parking, the applicable service fee will be displayed in the app before a session is initiated, i.e. when you indicate an end-time by spinning the wheel in the app. The current standard service fee is 15% of the cost for your parking or charging session (with a minimum of 0-49 cents).  The standard pricing may change over time and by location or operator. The current standard pricing is published on this webpage.

This is what you get

Experience our award-winning app

Registering with EasyPark gives you access to all standard functionality of the EasyPark app. This includes start, stop, extend, electric vehicle charging, in-car integrations, customer care, international coverage and help to find parking spaces with our feature FIND.

If you wish to use the EasyPark service for business purposes, we offer a variety of subscription business packages that have a monthly subscription fee, with a lower or no service fee per parking.


Full control over your parking expenses

No matter if you park a little or a lot

Creating a personal account in EasyPark is free. As with other service companies, we charge a service fee when you choose to use our service. If you park a lot, you can use our subscription service (if available). Then you pay – in addition to the actual parking or charging costs - a fixed monthly fee for our services instead of a fee per parking or charging session.

* Please note that due to continuously fluctuating electricity prices, the exact charging cost cannot always be fully determined in detail prior to initiating a charging session.