Case study: Achieving 22% budget savings with digital parking expense management

At EasyPark, we understand the issues companies face in managing parking expenses. Managing employee parking expenses and handling receipts can be a headache for accounting, leading to time-wasting and complicating cost clarity. That's why EasyPark Business offers a complete digital solution with a user-friendly mobile app and streamlined digital invoicing. This not only simplifies expense management but also simplifies all tasks related to parking, leading to improved efficiency and greater employee satisfaction.

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The challenge

The Indirect Procurement Manager at a leading pharmaceutical company, overseeing 1600 employees, including 556 car-using staff with a mix of corporate and private vehicles, encountered several challenges in his mission to optimize the daily operations of the sales field-employees.

Prior to adopting EasyPark Business, employees wasted approximately 1200 hours per year entering expense claims into the system. Additionally, the administration department spent around 48 days per year handling reimbursement requests from the drivers.

The increased out-of-pocket expenses and time-consuming reporting tasks led to inefficiency and decreased employee satisfaction.

The solution

The manager was contacted by an EasyPark sales representative who introduced the concept of mobile parking and attentively listened to the company's encountered challenges.

The manager recognized the potential benefits of digitizing parking and expense management after uncovering the hidden costs associated with their current approach. EasyPark provided a comprehensive personalized presentation of the user-friendly mobile app, which employees can use to handle parking payment effortlessly, and of the self-service portal dedicated to the administrators, making parking expense management the easiest and least demanding task of their day.

The supplier assessment process encompassed technical discussions with the EasyPark account manager to ensure alignment with the company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud solution. This involved how the invoice could distinctly display unique employee codes and cost centers.

EasyPark's platform offered an import capability that matched the company ERP system, allowing identification of drivers with their respective cost centers. This seamless integration ensured a smooth onboarding process and efficient management of parking-related expenses.

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The customer value

Implementing the EasyPark Business solution brought substantial value by streamlining operations, reducing hidden parking costs, and boosting overall efficiency. This effort resulted in a remarkable 22% annual savings in their budget.

The company's employees highly valued the user-friendly EasyPark App and expressed gratitude to their Procurement Manager for what they perceived as an excellent initiative.

Said by the customer

Indirect Procurement Manager

EasyPark has been a game-changer for our pharmaceutical company. Their mobile parking solution streamlined our expense management and improved operational efficiency. The EasyPark Team, from the initial presentation to post-sales support, exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend EasyPark for hassle-free parking management.

Indirect Procurement Manager

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Maximize efficiency and save valuable time for your enterprise

Did you know that an average of 512 days per year are wasted on parking related operations by a business with over 100 employees who park everyday? Try our calculator to see how much time you can save with EasyPark Business!

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