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Blog post: Does VAT apply to parking?

Are you aware that your business may be eligible to reclaim the Value Added Tax (VAT) on business parking expenses? Many businesses are missing out on this opportunity to enhance their savings. In this blog post, we will reveal the secrets of VAT [1] reclaims for business parking and how your business can take full advantage of this hidden opportunity.

Which parking costs are VAT deductible?

Understanding the nuances of VAT, particularly in relation to parking expenses, can be challenging.

Parking costs incurred for business-related activities are eligible for VAT deductions. This includes parking expenses directly associated with carrying out business operations such as parking fees for business meetings, client visits, or deliveries.

VAT and business expenses

Off-street parking, whether operated by a local authority or a private company, is generally subject to VAT throughout the EU. The VAT rate can vary depending on the country and the specific parking provider. When you park, the total parking fee typically includes VAT. To find out the VAT amount, it’s important to check the parking receipt or invoice as it will indicate the amount of VAT included in the cost.

Which parking costs are eligible for VAT deductions?

When it comes to parking, VAT may be applicable to various components of the overall parking expenses, including transaction costs and service fees related to your parking app, such as transaction or subscription fees. The good news is that you can request a VAT refund on these expenses.

Additionally, if you park in a business garage or parking lot, VAT is also applicable to the parking costs. It's important to keep your receipts carefully for proper declaration.

Keeping meticulous records for tax purposes is essential. Employees often lose parking receipts and unforeseen events may lead to unplanned parking costs and even fines.

How can I effectively track all expenses associated with business parking?

There are numerous possibilities to optimize expense management for businesses. EasyPark Business solutions simplify accounting and enable you to easily identify and process reclaimable VAT on parking.

EasyPark Business is a versatile digital parking solution designed for businesses of all sizes, enabling streamlined expense administration and empowering your employees to easily manage their parking activities through a user-friendly mobile app.

At the end of each month, you can expect a clear invoice that consolidates your VAT amount. This invoice encompasses not only your transaction costs but also your business parking expenses. By providing this comprehensive overview of your parking expenditures, we simplify your VAT process, allowing for easy management and streamlined financial tracking.

With EasyPark Business solution you can conveniently pay for parking, reduce risk of parking fines, optimize parking time, and track parking expenses. It's a comprehensive solution that simplifies your parking experience while helping you control costs effectively.

[1] VAT rules and rates

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In the dynamic landscape of medium and large enterprises, optimizing costs and streamlining operations is a top priority. With EasyPark Business, your employees can manage their parking effortlessly, eliminating the tedious task of reimbursement reports. Discover how EasyPark Business can enhance your employee experiences and boost your administrative efficiency.

For small businesses

In the world of small businesses and self-employment, every moment and resource counts. EasyPark Business simplifies parking management, saving you time and frustration when it comes to finding spots, making payments, and managing receipts. All your parking-related expenses are unified into a single invoice for your convenience.

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