Blog post: How parking expense tracking can boost productivity

In bustling cities where every second counts, a mobile parking app is the unsung hero. It's not just about finding a spot; it’s a goodbye to administrative hassles and a hello to more quality time with your core business. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to uncover and eliminate hidden expenses and lost hours with a truly empowering tool.

A day in the life of a technician

Pause for a moment and picture this: A technician, with a schedule packed to the brim, is rushing from one location to another. Or perhaps a delivery person, whose car trunk is overflowing with orders, racing against time. The very last thing they need is the uncertainty of parking. Every minute they spend searching for a spot or dealing with a parking meter is a minute they’re not doing what they do best. Instead of that, imagine they’re on-site, getting the job done. With streamlined parking management, employees aren't just securing a parking spot; they're stepping up their efficiency. By discovering parking spots faster, they can redirect their energy to their primary job roles, and move through their day with the confidence of sidestepping those menacing fines. If you scratch the surface of the life of an administrator too, you will see some real big wins. By introducing streamlined parking expense management to the administrators, you’ll give them their time back – an invaluable gift. The result? A real sense of satisfaction and an increase in daily productivity.


“When streamlining operations it resulted in a remarkable 22% annual savings in their budget.”

What is parking expense management anyway?

Mobile parking apps have revolutionized the way we park and manage parking expenses. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to find and pay for parking without the need for cash or a physical ticket. Your employees can simply open the app, choose the location, and pay digitally. Parking apps often provide real-time data on parking availability, allowing the users – your employees – to find open spots quickly without the need to drive around searching. By reducing the time spent searching for parking, it can decrease fuel consumption and, consequently, carbon emissions. This digital approach is not only more efficient but also contributes to reducing the environmental footprint. It’s a win-win: Your employees can park without friction, and your company supports more sustainable habits. And if your employees are running late, some apps allow them to extend their parking time remotely, reducing the risk of receiving a parking ticket. See the pattern here? With a mobile parking app you’re not only offering employees a smooth parking experience, you’re in possession of an empowering tool that will reduce stress, and save you time and money. In summary, employees can do their jobs more efficiently when a mobile parking app is taking care of all this. Perhaps you’ve already started to see the financial benefits embedded here. And now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. For businesses, a parking expense management system makes it a breeze to record and track expenses and this will surely minimize your administrative tasks.


Shows real-time data on parking availability, just open the app and choose the location


Lessens the time spent searching for parking, and decreases stress and fuel consumption

no coins

Payment with no need for cash or a physical ticket

no tickets

Reduces the risk of receiving a parking ticket, as it’s easy to extend the parking time remotely


Eliminates completely the piles of paper payment receipts and the need to do expense notes

no PND

No more walking to the parking meter to pay, nor walking back to the car to place the receipt


Taking away time-consuming reporting and paperwork

A leading pharmaceutical company, overseeing 1600 employees, including 556 car-using staff with a mix of corporate and private vehicles, implemented the EasyPark Business solution. It brought substantial value by streamlining operations, reducing hidden parking costs, and boosting overall efficiency. This effort resulted in a remarkable 22% annual savings in their budget. That's the transformative power of efficient parking management. Now let’s have a closer look at what’s in it for you – as a company.

Embrace the digital era with a paperless solution

So, put your cost-saving specs on and get ready for an expense hunt extraordinaire. The overall idea is to gain control over your parking expenses and make informed decisions that will benefit your company’s finances as well as employee satisfaction. As you’ve already figured out, on the surface parking might appear as a trivial task. However, when it becomes a constant difficulty in an employee's work routine, its significance rises exponentially. Offering employees a user-friendly mobile parking app, ensures these professionals have control over their time, truly reducing parking-related stress.

Digital pass

Shift to digital parking expense management

Employees who spend less time searching for parking or completing expense reports can dedicate more time to their primary job roles and instantly boost productivity. EasyPark’s parking management solution will handle this for them. There’s no flip side to this coin, just two shiny sides. Company administrators can from a single self-service portal manage parking permissions, review costs, and get monthly invoices in a couple of clicks. For many companies, this is the biggest time win.


Carry out a detailed data analysis

A shift to a digital platform like EasyPark’s business solution will give you all the data you need. With all the figures at hand, you can control them to make informed decisions. Otherwise hidden patterns and expenses are now revealed, for instance, if employees consistently choose pricier parking options when more cost-effective alternatives are available. By monitoring parking expenses, you can establish clear guidelines to ensure employees are aware of budget limits. This can lead to more cost-conscious decisions.


Get creative and think big

Use your new insights to come up with clever solutions. If you know what driver is using which car and where, and if you can monitor all ongoing parking, there are hidden opportunities everywhere for you to uncover. For all companies with flexible hours, aligning with early bird rates and off-peak parking can make a significant difference. These are just a few ideas; your creativity is the limit.

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Maximize efficiency and save valuable time for your enterprise

Did you know that an average of 512 days per year are wasted on parking related operations by a business with over 100 employees who park everyday? Try our calculator to see how much time you can save with EasyPark Business!

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