Find available parking, experience less congestion

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? No slow drivers searching for parking in front of you, and no circling a block for ages when looking for parking yourself. Well, we’ve dreamt of this too, and we’ve made it happen. FIND is an award-winning feature of our parking app that shows you where to find available parking spots, and it’s available in many major European cities.

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Making cities more livable

FIND also helps reduce emissions

How many times have you been trapped driving in circles only to find a spot. Cruising for parking is a big reason for traffic congestion in the city, but we can change that. With EasyPark FIND you can now go straight to parking on the street or in a garage, knowing where you’ll have the best chance to find a spot. Just imagine how much time, gas and emissions you would save. This is only one of the ways we work to make cities more livable.

It’s clever tech, not luck

The probability is carefully calculated

You no longer need to rely on pure luck anymore. Our revolutionary feature, FIND, works by combining empirical data from connected devices and statistical data from more than 10 different sources. Our method gives you accurate probabilities of finding a free parking spot on the streets or garages near your destination, so you can arrive on time and relaxed to your spot. FIND is available in several European cities, check out which ones:

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Find your parking spot faster


Download the app

Create an account and access the map view in the EasyPark app.

Tap find

Tap on FIND

You’ll find the round FIND button in the top right corner of the map view.


See the probability

The streets in the map will change color to show your chances to find a spot. Tap on a street to get a more precise probability.

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