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Simplified parking expense
management for small

With EasyPark Business, save time and manage all your parking-related
expenses easily through a single invoice.

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Free up time to achieve your business goals

Businesses often overlook parking, but it's essential. Whether you or your colleagues are traveling to meet clients or making deliveries, parking is a must. The time spent searching for spots, paying, and managing receipts can add up. EasyPark Business provides an easy and trusted service to simplify and manage all your parking-related administration.

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Automate your parking expenses and forget about missing receipts

For small businesses and self-employed individuals, time and resources are invaluable. To simplify business parking administration, EasyPark Business digitizes the entire process, empowering you and your employees to manage parking activities easily through a user-friendly mobile app.

Furthermore, with the EasyPark Business self-service portal, you can say goodbye to the hassle of managing stacks of paper receipts and the complexities of tracking individual parking expenses. Instead, experience the convenience of having all your parking costs combined into a single invoice.

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Choose the business package that fits your needs

EasyPark Business offers a range of easily selectable packages tailored for micro and small businesses. Select the perfect plan based on your parking frequency, and leave your parking and expense management to us.

*Parking fees are charged in line with the operator’s rates. Prices exclude VAT.

How much time can you save?

Did you know that an average of 49 days per year are wasted on parking-related operations by a business with 10 employees? Focus your effort on delivering great work, instead of filling in parking expense reports. Try our calculator to see how much time you can save with EasyPark Business!

Number of employees
Number of parkings per week per employee
24working days per year
Time spent reporting expenses 
11 working days
Time spent parking 
11 working days
Time spent on administration 
3 working days

Get more than a great mobile app!


A smoother day out in the field

Stop wasting valuable time searching for parking, and then finding a parking meter.


You decide

End meetings when you're ready, not when the parking meter tells you to.

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Parking expense reporting is now history

No need to keep track of paper receipts. Stop wasting time on expense reimbursements.

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Reduced cost and administration

View your parking or payment history and receive all team members' parking expenses in a single invoice or card payment.

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Does VAT apply to parking?

Discover the potential to enhance your business savings through VAT reclaims on parking expenses. Learn which parking costs are eligible for deductions and how EasyPark Business simplifies tracking and processing VAT for streamlined financial management.

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