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Streamline parking expense
management at enterprise scale

Enhance employee satisfaction and gain efficiency with EasyPark Business.

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Let's digitize your business parking administration

Our comprehensive solution digitizes parking administration and provides your employees with a user-friendly mobile app to effortlessly manage their parking activities. By digitizing expense administration and empowering your employees you can make a significant difference in your business's efficiency. Join industry leaders and experience the transformative benefits of a streamlined parking experience with EasyPark Business.

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Boost employee satisfaction and retention

EasyPark Business is designed to elevate employee satisfaction and retention by delivering seamless and stress-free parking experiences. With our intuitive mobile app your field employees can handle their parking with just a few taps, significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses and eliminating the time-consuming task of filing reimbursement reports.

Take control of parking expense management

Simplify your parking expense management and experience unmatched control with EasyPark Business. Our self-service portal empowers administrators by making parking expense management the easiest and least demanding task of their day. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with stacks of paper receipts and complex accounting.

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Maximize efficiency and save valuable time for your enterprise

Did you know that an average of 512 days per year are wasted on parking-related operations by a business with over 100 employees? Try our calculator to see how much time you can save with EasyPark Business!

Number of employees
Number of parkings per week per employee
24working days per year
Time spent reporting expenses 
11 working days
Time spent parking 
11 working days
Time spent on administration 
3 working days

Shift your focus to impactful work and eliminate endless parking expense reports. Try our calculator and discover the benefits of smart parking for your business today!

Many organizations are already on board

Learn how companies are using EasyPark Business to digitize both their expense administration and employees’ parking.

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Case study: Streamlining fleet expense management with a digital parking solution

A leading German Telecom Network company faced parking complexities for its field employees. The EasyPark Business solution introduced a user-friendly, paperless procedure, resulting in diminished administrative tasks and heightened overall employee satisfaction.

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Case study: Pharma company cuts 22% of cost with digital parking solution

Discover how EasyPark Business transformed parking expense management for a leading pharmaceutical company, addressing hidden costs, enhancing operational efficiency, and achieving an impressive 22% annual budget savings. Explore the detailed case study to learn more about this remarkable transformation.

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Ready to streamline parking expense management?

Our packages are designed to adapt to your unique business requirements. Whether you need standard business features, specialized services, or custom add-ons, we've got you covered. Perfectly suited for medium and large companies.

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