PARK NOW has become EasyPark

We are proud to announce that PARK NOW has now fully become EasyPark. This means that the PARK NOW app is now disabled for parking and the service has been closed. 

To continue to park, we invite you to download and use the EasyPark app, where you can expect a larger national and international coverage, as well as paying for EV charging where available. EasyPark is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and 17 other European countries.

You can also refer to the PARK NOW Terms and Conditions and PARK NOW Privacy Policy if you have questions about the service or how data is processed. 

About EasyPark

With our award-winning app, we have been helping drivers save time and money since 2001. But we don’t stop there. We build smarter, more liveable cities – one parking spot at a time.

Trusted by millions

EasyPark is used by millions of drivers in Switzerland and Europe to manage parking and find free spaces. For more information on EasyPark, our global footprint and product and services, see our EasyPark Group site.