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Our coverage

EasyPark Group has a unique market coverage with presence in over 20 countries, more than 2,900+ cities, and working with over 4,000+ parking operators. The markets we are active in include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

Our services

For more than a decade, EasyPark has been changing the way digital parking services are delivered with a constant drive to bring superior interfaces and services to our users. We have gained invaluable insight into the user’s needs and expectations, something we are now bringing to all of our partners to assist in delivering superior value.

Mobile paid parking

Mobile paid parking

Mobile Paid Parking makes parking easier for drivers, businesses, cities, and private operators. At the same time,  it saves costs compared to handling cash payments through Pay and Display machines (P&D). 

Parking Data as a Service

Parking data as a service

Digitalizing parking data offers considerable benefits to cities. We can help you start through accurate data collection and build the analytics tool for your parking data.

Smart Hub


The SmartHUB is the basis for full digitalization of the ecosystem and enables a scalable setup. Furthermore, it helps improve enforcement efficiency 



Digitalizing parking permits simplifies the issuing process for both the city and the drivers – plus it further eases the burden on parking enforcement by increasing the share of digital parkings.

Find Parking


A fully digitalized parking ecosystem enables EasyPark to optimize the drivers parking search, by guiding them to available parking and helping the city to reduce congestion.

Parking dashboard

Parking dashboard

The Parking Dashboard provides a macro-view of the entire parking ecosystem and brings you unparalleled insights into parking behavior. 

on offstreet

Off-street access

Adding gated parking garages to the digital ecosystem helps the city reduce on-street parking by off-loading traffic to garages. This means less cars on the streets and more in the garages.


EV charging

Charging an EV (Electric Vehicle) also means parking it. What EasyPark can offer one single interface for handling transactions of both charging and parking.

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Business parking

Your employees may need to park, but you no longer need hours of dealing with receipts and expense claims. With EasyPark Business, you get a digital service that simplifies all parking related administration.

In Car Solutions

In-car solutions

We are developing scalable, intuitive and seamless parking applications for Google and Apple-based technologies. Just connect your phone or login to your account in the car to automate your parking.

In Car Integration

In-car integrations

We are developing scalable, intuitive and seamless parking applications for current and future car infotainment systems. Today, major car manufacturers work with us to make parking automation easier.


Guest parking

Parking is often an overlooked but essential part of your business. Particularly important when the difficulty to find and pay for parking near your business becomes a nuisance for your customers or guests.

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