For business administrators

As a administrator for a business account, you have the possibility to log in to the Self Service. There you can take care of all the administrative matters relating to a company account. Additional benefits of using the Self-Service are that you have access to the information when you need it, and do not have to wait for phone queues etc.

You can log in HERE, with the login details you received during the creation of the account. Of course you can request new login credentials by clicking 'Forgot password'.

In the Self Service you can do pretty much everything you normally would contact customer care for. The following are some of the frequent use cases for the Self Service.

Change account details:

- Change/update address details, add/remove employees, add/remove vehicles.

Payment related:

- Download invoices, see the status of invoices, add cost centers, move employees between cost centers, update card details (if you use a credit/debit card), change payment method.

Parking history:

- See the parking history per employee.

If you need any with logging in to the Self Service or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!