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What does it cost?

Our service is in constant development to give you more. From parking and electric vehicle charging in an increasing number of countries, cities, garages and airports, to accessing business services and splitting costs in the same account. In most places, we charge a service fee* on top of the parking price charged by the parking operator. The service fee allows us to continue to invest and remain at the forefront of parking tech innovation. It also allows us to provide you with customer service. Download the app to get smart, flexible parking and make more space for life.

*Pricing varies for specific cities or operators. The app will show the total and detailed price before you park.

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Pay as you park

Pricing varies for specific cities or operators.

The app will show the total and detailed price before you park,

including our service fee.

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Start, stop and extend parking from the app


Stop with a tap and pay for the time used

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Coverage in over 2,500 cities

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Park on street and in garages and airports

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FIND parking function (in available cities)

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Secure payment methods

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Free push reminders

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Personal web portal

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Customer care

What do you get? 

Experience our award-winning app

Creating a personal account in EasyPark is free. As with other service companies, we charge a fee when you choose to use our service. This varies depending on the city and package. You always see your total cost when you set an end time by spinning the wheel. All standard functionality of the EasyPark app, such as start, stop, extend, electric vehicle charging, in-car integrations, customer service, international coverage and help to find available parking spaces is included in the displayed price. Only optional premium features, such as SMS notifications or business services, cost extra. 

If you wish to use the EasyPark service for your business, we offer a variety of subscription business packages that have a monthly subscription fee, with a lower or no service fee per parking. See our business packages.

Other costs

Optional and premium add-ons

We offer additional notifications and reminders in case you need them. These are free as push notifications but cost extra as SMS. SMS costs are: 

  • Ongoing parking reminder: 0.00€ 

  • Parking about to end: 0.15€

  • Parking has ended: 0.00€

Businesses also have access to subscription packages and additional products and services. To see our business packages, please visit the EasyPark Business page.