Every year, thousands of UFO sightings are reported all over the world.

But we never seem to make contact. We asked ourselves, why?

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Maybe they can’t find parking?

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The first parking app in space

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Making Earth more livable

EasyPark Group has, for the past 20 years, been leading parking innovation and smart mobility, transforming traditional systems to modern and convenient solutions, with the mission to make cities more livable. Our path of creating cutting-edge tech for parking has now led us to broaden our scope, making not only cities, but earth, more livable.

Once again, we have made history. History that might help shape the future of parking. We look beyond the borders of earth, becoming the first parking apps ever to be launched into space, available for any lifeform roaming the galaxies.

On October 10, at 19:00, we pushed the boundaries of innovation together with Grimeton Radio station World Heritage Site. A station for longwave transatlantic wireless telegraphy that for almost a century has been shortening the distance between humans through wireless communication technology.

By compressing and converting our app codes into a signal, we have launched our world leading parking apps EasyPark, ParkMobile and RingGo into space. For whatever lifeform might be out there to download and use.

So, when they (whoever they may be) embark on their journey to the Earth, they will have the power to effortlessly manage their parking.

Time since launch

299 792 458 m/s

App traveled through space


Aliens parked

About the project

EPG in Space

EasyPark Group is a leading global parking tech company with a vision to make cities, and earth, more livable. With award-winning technology, EasyPark Group eases parking by helping drivers save time and money by finding and managing parking and electric vehicle charging through three of the leading parking apps on earth - EasyPark, ParkMobile and RingGo.

EPG in Space


Grimeton Radio station World Heritage Site was built for longwave wireless telegraphy that pioneered communications between Sweden and the U.S. after World War I. Located outside of the city of Varberg, in southwest of Sweden, Grimeton has been creating connections and shortening distances between nations and humans for almost 100 years. Grimeton Radio station World Heritage Site is a communications center that to this day still provides commercial radio services.

Together, EasyPark Group and Grimeton have sent the codes of the EasyPark, ParkMobile and RingGo apps into space. Hopefully, they are now reaching every corner of our and multiple other universes. Indeed, a small step for man, a giant leap for more livable cities.



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